Matthews Richards A Health Care Management Company - Healthcare Management Solution for Personal Injury Law Practices

Healthcare Management Solutions for Personal Injury Law Practices


Matthews Richards is a case management company that works exclusively with Personal Injury Attorneys and their Injured Clients. We specialize in the coordination of medical services for Injured Clients with providers who specialize in the care of Injured Patients.

We have been assisting Personal Injury Attorneys and their Injured Clients since 2007.


Law firms and their staff can be burdened in the coordination and management of complex heath care services and bills for their injured clients. These administrative tasks can be time-consuming and require expertise in order to do it well. Identifying practitioners who will treat patients on a lien basis may be even more difficult and time-consuming.

Matthews Richards allows law firms to “outsource” some of these administrative tasks to our qualified Case Coordinators.

The Case Coordinator works closely with the law firm, the client, and the various medical providers to facilitate the necessary care and communication.


Efficient facilitation of care between various treating providers for improved communication and documentation

Exceptional customer service with clients assigned a personal contact available to handle questions and requests

Experience in medical records administration and billing coordination

Access to thousands of medical providers who are part of the Matthews Richards provider network

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